The Magic Hour Dreamcast
Magic Hour Dreamcast
Journey on Imbolc/Lughnasadh

Journey on Imbolc/Lughnasadh

Guided meditation for the metaphoric seed and, conversely, enjoying the harvest

Tune into a meditation track that follows the arch of seasonality as we travel through the cycles of sun and moon…winter and summer at their height.

You could listen to this for Imbolc, mid-winter, or Lughnasadh summer harvest…or…you could listen to it anytime.

It is especially fortuitous to pause and reflect…and welcome in intention and renewal and ritualise your life. 

Rudo asks you to imagine a few scenarios…

What is growing inside you and calls for attention?

What would you ask of Brigid, of a goddess that tends to life, death, forges and fires and creativity!

See yourself as an accomplished being, who has earned a seat at the table…what table and who is there with you celebrating?

Where does your heart go to when you think of the world “land”? Send blessings to the land!


The music track is 'Deep into Nature’ composed by Music of Wisdom - Licensed from Meditation Music Library.

The Magic Hour Dreamcast
Magic Hour Dreamcast
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